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About Us

SAGA ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK (SEN) is a professional venture based company completed to enable cable TV operators to switch over from Analog to Digital.SEN was established as a Contemporary digital solution centre to support the operators to procure, install and services for Digital Equipment.


Faster broadband supports our businesses to be more competitive and helps communities' access services, saving them money, information and learning opportunities.

* Broadband
* Digital Cable


Improved broadband (>5 Mbps) to every business and community across Devon and Somerset by 2014.

Superfast broadband (>24 Mbps) to at least 85% of the area in Madurai by 2015, with 100% by 2020.


In the 21st century, affordable, ubiquitous broadband networks will be as critical to social and economic prosperity as networks like transport, water and power. Not only does broadband deliver benefits across every sector of society, but it also helps promote social and economic development, and will be key in helping us get the Millennium Development Goals back on track.


Saga Entertainment Network set up with the sole purpose of bringing low cost, fast, internet to homes and business in which up to now had only slow Dial Up or unreliable Dongles from the Mobile phones companies. Saga Entertainment Network promises you only the best service from first contact to installation.

Should we fail on that promise and you are unhappy with your internet connection and do not wish to continue (notice must be given during first 14 days after installation), the equipment will be removed and a full refund of your connection fee will be made.